• “Daring and genuinely innovative work: a unique sense of drama, speed and poetic intensity.”

  • “An immensely moving, beautifully written exploration of the beauty, pain, suffering and imaginative potency of migration -– and an opportunity to witness, to overhear (and have one’s own mind fired up by) a witty, wonderful intellect plumbing the phenomenon of migration and its intellectual, ethical, historical, political and aesthetic implications.”

  • ‘Magnificent poems…A triumph of artistic ingenuity…’

  • “Sweeping and unconventional – her poems and essays are a lyrical tribute to the instincts and whims, trials and beauties that catalyse movement.”

  • “A prodigy, a book of wonders… sheerly brilliant.”

  • “Extraordinary breadth of erudition, sensitivity to different cultural environments and powerful visual alertness: readers will be struck by the mature command of these poems as well as their great range of subject and feeling.”

    Rowan Williams
  • “A poet of great eloquence and delicate skill, an exquisite image-maker who can work wonders with the great tradition of line and stanza. Her voice has an astonishing resonance.”

    Colm Toibin
  • “A poet and scholar with a beautifully patient understanding, reminiscent of Ted Hughes, of how the natural word invests itself in our experience.”