I’m a Man: Sex, Gods and Rock ‘n’ Roll

I’m a Man: Sex, Gods and Rock ‘n’ Roll
“Ruth Padel’s brilliant, wide-ranging I’m A Man makes the connections between rock and myth absolutely plain” – Ian Sansone, London Review of Books
I’m A Man started out as a book about Greek myth, opera and women, and ended up as a book about Greek myth, rock music and masculinity. It is so illuminating  – let’s hope that one day she will write the opera one, too.” Hampstead and Highgate Express.
“She has earned a place on the high table of rock criticism alongside the likes of Greil Marcus. Eureka.” Daily Telegraph
Whom Gods Destroy

Whom Gods DestroyWhom Gods Destroy: Elements of Greek and Tragic Madness Princeton University Press, 1995, pb £9.95 ISBN 0-691-02588-6 is a book about what madness means in Greek tragedy, and why madness became one of the defining experiences of all tragedy, Buy on
In and Out of the Mind

In and Out of the MindIn and Out of the Mind: Greek Images of the Tragic Self Princeton University Press, pb £10.95, ISBN 0-691-03766-3 UK . Buy on

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