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  • Poems by, or Attributed to, Sir Walter Ralegh
    An asterisked poem is one that has been attributed to Ralegh but may not be his.
  • Nature That Washed her Hands in Milk
  • The Lie
  • My Broken Pipes Shall on the Willow Hang
  • As You Came from the Holy Land
  • The Passionate Man’s Pilgrimage
  • Passions are Likened Best to Floods and Streams
  • The One-and-Twentieth and Last Book of the Ocean to Cynthia
  • The End of the Books of the Ocean’s Love to Cynthia, and the Beginning of the Two-and-Twentieth Book, Entreating of Sorrow
  • A Vision upon this Conceit of The Faerie Queene
  • Another of the Same
  • Farewell to the Court
  • Now We have Present Made
  • If Cynthia be a Queen, a Princess and Supreme
  • My Body in the Walls Captived
  • To the Translator of Lucan
  • A Petition to Queen Anne
  • A Farewell to False Love
  • An Epitaph Upon the Right Honourable Sir Philip Sidney, Knight
  • Fortune Hath Taken Thee Away, My Love
  • The Excuse
  • The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd
  • A Secret Murder Hath been Done of Late
  • Sought By the World, and Hath the World Disdained
  • What Else is Hell but Loss of Blissful Heaven?
  • On the Cards and the Dice
  • Sweet are the Thoughts where Hope Persuadeth Hap
  • A Poesy to Prove Affection is not Love
  • A Poem Put into my Lady Leighton’s Pocket
  • Feed Still Thyself, Thou Fondling, with Belief
  • Like to a Hermit Poor in Place Obscure
  • My First-Born Love, Unhappily Conceived
  • The Advice*
  • Sir Walter Ralegh to his Son
  • An Epigram on Henry Noel
  • Sir W. Ralegh on the Snuff of a Candle the Night Before he Died
  • De Morte
  • In Commendation of The Steel Glass
  • Verse Translations from The History of the World
  • Even Such is Time, Which Takes in Trust
    II Exchanges and Ripostes: Poems by Queen Elizabeth and Others
  • Edmund Spenser To the Right Honourable and Valorous Knight, Sir Walter Ralegh
  • Christopher Marlowe The Passionate Shepherd to his Love
  • Queen Elizabeth On Monsieur’s Departure
  • Ah Silly Pug, Wert Thou so Sore Afraid?
  • A Hapless Kind of Life is this I Wear
  • The Doubt of Future Foes Exiles my Present Joy
  • Now Leave and Let Me Rest
  • Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex Change Thy Mind Since She Doth Change
  • Go, Echo of the Mind, a Careless Truth Protest
  • When Wert Thou Born, Desire?
  • Seated Between the Old World and the New
  • To Plead my Faith where Faith hath No Reward
  • Sweet are the Thoughts where Hope Persuadeth Hap
  • Verses made by the Earl of Essex in his Trouble
  • I Am not As I Seem, I Seem and Am the Same
  • Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford I Am Not as I Seem to Be
  • The Lively Lark Stretched Forth her Wing
  • Sir Edward Dyer The Shepherd’s Conceit of Prometheus
  • The Advice
  • Sir Philip Sidney A Reply
  • Henry Noel The Foe to the Stomach and the Word of Disgrace
  • Unknown If Breath were Made for Every Man to Buy
  • Sir Thomas Heneage Most Welcome Love, Thou Mortal Foe to Lies
  • Madam, but Mark the Labours of Our Life
  • Sir Henry Lee Sir Henry Lee’s Farewell to the Court
  • Far from Triumphing Court and Wonted Glory
  • Sir Henry Wotton The Character of a Happy Life
  • On His Mistress, the Queen of Bohemia
  • Upon the Sudden Restraint of the Earl of Somerset
  • This Hymn
  • Ben Jonson The Mind of the Frontispiece to Ralegh’s
    History of the World
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