On Daughters of the Labyrinth

Daughters of the Labyrinth, my second novel, is set now, in London and Crete 2019-20, but also looks back to the Second World War. It will be published in July.

‘A daughter’s passionate quest for the truth about what happened to her parents in Crete during the German occupation and a sumptuous and sensuous evocation of Crete itself, its landscape and culture. Ruth Padel brings a poet’s eye to this world of great physical beauty and gnarled legacy.’ Colm Tóibín

‘Incredibly moving, capturing the vividness of the artist’s way of seeing the world with such lyricism and luminosity that reading it becomes profoundly sensory, like painting. Alive with the colours and fierce light of Crete, its landscape, wildlife, scents and sounds, the story is often painful in its revelations but also full of humanity and tenderness.’

Claudia Tobin, curator of Virginia Woolf: Art, Life and Vision, National Portrait Gallery