The Mara Crossing

My migration book The Mara Crossing  (published in US as On Migration – Dangerous Journeys and the Living World) came out in 2012. It explores and meditates on all aspects of migration, in poems and prose.

First, how migration created and sustains the physical world, from cells in our body to trees, animals, birds – all the ‘dangerous journeys’ which go on all the time, all over our planet, and the reasons and needs for them. It is called for the Mara River in Kenya crossed twice a year by wildebeest in the world’s longest land migration.

Secondly, how migration created and now sustains the human world, from human migrations out of Africa to the multi-ethnic idea of America represented by the Statue of Liberty, on to today’s mass migrations.

The book was widely reviewed and praised internationally.

In wildlife circles – ‘A richly ambitious book, a wealth of imaginative thinking. Read it and think what a returning swallow means to human history,’ BBC Wildlife.

In poetry circles – ‘An immensely moving, beautifully written book that cannot be praised enough: a witty, wonderful intellect plumbing the phenomenon of migration and its intellectual, ethical, historical, political and aesthetic implications,’ Poetry London.

And more widely – ‘A triumph of artistic ingenuity. Bifurcation, between poetry and prose, human and animal, privilege and under-privilege, art and science, is at its heart,’ Guardian.

Cover of American edition of The Mara Crossing

Migrating Geese

Crossing the Mara River