We are all from somewhere else

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We are All from Somewhere Else is a paperback edition of The Mara Crossing, with a new introduction, a new poem on the Greek island of Lesbos, and updates from the years 2012 to 2020, with wide-raged changes to the picture of human migration.

Reviews of The Mara Crossing

‘A broad-ranging meditation on all things migratory, a book of raw interfaces and unnerving encounters. Magnificent poems... a triumph of imagistic ingenuity,’ Guardian

‘A thoughtful often magical mix of prose and poetry… Just as fascinating as Padel’s central theme, is the insight that she also gives us into into the creation of a poem.’ Independent on Sunday

‘A major meditation on migration. The prose is crystalline, the poems full of the wonderful material stuff of life. It's a poet's book to the core, a passionate exploration of her subject, proving that pressures on cells, bodies, creatures (human and other), and on the planet, are essential matter for poetry.’ Eva Hoffman, author of Lost in Translation

‘In this sweeping and unconventional book about migration, Padel calls for compassion and open borders. Her poems and essays are a lyrical tribute to the instincts and whims that catalyse movement, and the trials and beauties that come with motion... there are wonders of nature in this collection which will give pause to sensitive readers,’ The Economist

‘A glorious fabric, weaving lyricism and hard facts, poetic insight and scientific detail unwinding from the multitudinous threads of geographical migration. A beautiful, far-ranging book about physical journeys and all they might mean to humans and animals alike.’ Mark Cocker, wildlife author