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Nightsinging in a Time of Plague, commissioned by The Poetry Society for the Bicentenary of John Keats’ death, February 23rd 2021

Moonlight Sonata’ from Beethoven Variations, Guardian 2020

Salon Noir‘, from Emerald, in Prac Crit, with Introduction and Interview by Declan Ryan, 2018

Clast’, from Emerald, in Poetry Review, and Ruth’s piece about the poem in Poetry Review’s ‘Behind the Poem’ series, 2018

‘The Electrification of Beth Shalom’, Guardian 2014

The Cello’, New Yorker, 2012

Making an Oud in Nazareth‘, New Yorker 2008

‘Sunrise over Bethlehem’, Financial Times, 2016, from Tidings

Icicles Round a Tree in Dumfriesshire’, Rembrandt Would Have Loved You, 1998

Writing to Onegin’ (after a scene from Pushkin), from Voodoo Shop, 2002

Tiger Drinking at Forest Pool’, from The Soho Leopard, 2004

‘Two Handled Jug’ & ‘Lone Ranger’ (later titled ‘Ripples on New Grass’). London Review of Books 2011

Writing a Postcard After a War’, London Review of Books 2009

The Sea Will Do Us All Good’, on Annie Darwin’s illness and death, from DarwinA Life in Poems, 2009, London Review of Books 2009

‘Like Giving to a Blind Man Eyes’, ‘Plankton’, ‘Algae from the Arctic’, ‘The Miser’, and ‘On Not Thinking About Variation in Tortoise-Shell’, from DarwinA Life in Poems’Nature Magazine 2009

RevelationLondon Review of Books 2011

The Forest, The Corrupt Official, and a Bowl of Penis Soup’, London Review of Books 2004

‘Four Alligator Poems’ from The Soho Leopard, London Review of Books 2004

The Soho Leopard’, Scottish Poetry Library, 2004

Second Chance’ and ‘Gorey Bay 1933’ (from Emerald), Compass Magazine 2018

Mary’s Tapestry, Elizabeth’s Spinet’ (from The Soho Leopard), Poems About the V & A 2002

‘Extract from the Travels of Ibn Jubayr,’ and ‘Bladderwrack’, Asymptote 2011

Herodotus in Egypt Remembers Delos’, from Summer Snow 1990

Trial’, from Fusewire 1996

Reading at 92 Y Centre, New York, February 2019