I have published twelve UK collections and a bilingual anthology

The Art of Kintsugiwith translations in Polish.

In the USA, myDarwin collection is published by Knopf. So is Beethoven Variations; andthere is a lovely Italian version of this, Variazioni Beethoven, translated by Paola Splendore.

My 2012 book on migration, The Mara Crossing, is published by Counterpoint Press in the USA as On Migration – Dangerous Journeys and the Living World.

In the UK, this is also published in paperback, updated to 2020 with new poems and essays, re-titled We Are All From Somewhere Else.

Recent Poem:

‘Nightsinging in a Time of Plague, written for the Poetry Society, on the bicentenary of Keats’ death, February 23rd, 2021, in response to his ‘Ode to a Nightingale’.

Stuttgart 2017