These are the two novels I’ve written so far…

Where the Serpent Lives (2010)

‘A novel you will not lightly forget. Only Emily Brontë has embraced Padel’s radical and sympathetic inclusiveness of creaturely life’ – Guardian 

‘An intensely readable parable of love and fear,’ – Daily Mail

Daughters of the Labyrinth (2021)

‘An immersive novel, steeped in the history and folklore of Crete: transporting, historically informative story-telling.’ – Sunday Times

‘Entrancing – a wonderfully rich and absorbing novel. As with the best fiction, it tells a compelling story while at the same time deepening and enlarging our understanding of the complexity of our nature.’ – The Scotsman

‘A moving, superbly written exploration of a Cretan family with dark secrets. Crete itself becomes one of the main characters in the story.’ – Irish Times, Best Books of 2021

Daughters of the Labyrinth

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