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My latest book is a novel, just out

Daughters of the Labyrinth

set on the island of Crete where I’ve lived off and on since I was twenty.

‘Entrancing – a wonderfully rich and absorbing novel. LIke the best fiction, it tells a compelling story while deepening our understanding of the complexity of our nature. It is also delightful in its evocation of Crete and its many-layered history.’ – The Scotsman

‘Padel deftly sketches the complications of family as she teases away at questions of identity and home. Animated by keen imaginative empathy and a strong sense of place, this moving, satisfying, layered novel will transport you to the amethyst Aegean even as the real thing remains out of reach.’ – Daily Mail

‘A moving, superbly written exploration of a family with dark secrets. Crete itself becomes one of the main characters in the story.’ – Irish Times, Best Books 2021


Beethoven Variations

is a poetry biography of Beethoven laced with flashes of my experience playing his music.

Here is the review in the New York Times

‘Generous, painful, tender, gorgeously lyrical. With precision, heart-breaking beauty and lyric insight, Beethoven comes alive before us.’– Ilya Kaminsky

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‘A daughter’s passionate quest for the truth about what happened to her parents in Crete during the German occupation and a sumptuous and sensuous evocation of Crete itself, its landscape and culture. ’  – Colm Tóibín

‘She winds us into coils within coils of a family’s dark history, horrific suffering and intimate sacrifice. She combines dramatic storytelling with moving reflectiveness, asking us to think again about whether it is better to remember or forget?’ – Marina Warner


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On Beethoven Variations

Poetry, biography, music and memoir collide in this wonderful collection. A lyrical journey through the composer’s life, an evocative portrait of the man and his music,and the profound ways it affects listeners and performers.’ – Tatler, Best Books 2020.

‘Absolutely gorgeous poems, beautifully written. She has a marvellous way of surprising you with hindsight, atmosphere and context. An absolute masterpiece, I love it to pieces.’ – Jessica Duchen, Best Books on Beethoven

An adventure in poetry and biography, and a journey into creativity.

Tracking Beethoven’s footsteps through Germanyand Austria,drawingon his diariesand letters, Ruth tells his inner story, threading it with fragments of her own music-makingon Beethoven’s own instrument, the viola. She adds a brief prose biography and list of his major works,so you can see where music you love fits into his life.

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